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Raymond Ringuette

Raymond Ringuette. Educator, b Asbestos, Que, 21 Aug 1943; BA (Sherbrooke) 1966, B TH (Sherbrooke) 1970, B MUS ED (Laval) 1973, B MUS rhythmics (Laval) 1974, BES 1975, M MUS (Laval) 1976, D MUS ED (Illinois) 1980.


René Dionne

René Dionne, professor, bibliographer, historian of Québec literature (born 29 January 1929 in Saint-Philippe-de-Néri, Quebec; died 29 December 2009 in Ottawa, Ontario).


Rosette Renshaw

Rosette (Rose Madelaine) Renshaw. Teacher, ethnomusicologist, translator, born Montreal 4 May 1920, died New Paltz, NY, 13 Mar 1997; BA (McGill) 1942, B MUS (Toronto) 1944, D MUS (Toronto) 1949. She attended the École Vincent-d'Indy 1936-8 and studied with Alfred Whitehead and Claude Champagne.


Resistance and Residential Schools

Residential schools were government-sponsored religious schools that many Indigenous children were forced to attend. They were established to assimilate Indigenous children into Euro-Canadian culture. Indigenous parents and children did not simply accept the residential-school system. Indigenous peoples fought against – and engaged with – the state, schools and other key players in the system. For the duration of the residential-school era, parents acted in the best interests of their children and communities. The children responded in ways that would allow them to survive.


Richard Albert Wilson

Richard Albert Wilson, educator, author (b near Renfrew, Ont 18 Mar 1874; d at Vancouver 2 Jan 1949). Born on a farm in rural Ontario, he spent nearly the first half of his life working his way through school.


Richard B. Wright

Richard Bruce Wright, novelist, editor, teacher (born 4 March 1937 in Midland, ON; died 7 February 2017). Richard Wright's novels frequently explore lives in urban Canada and crises of personal identity in modern cities.


Richard Frank Salisbury

Richard Frank Salisbury, anthropologist (b at Chelsea, Eng 8 Dec 1926, d at Montréal, Qué 17 Jun 1989). Educated at Cambridge, Harvard and Australian National University, Salisbury was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1974 for his contributions to Canadian anthropology.


Richard Johnston

(Albert) Richard Johnston. Teacher, administrator, composer, editor, critic, b Chicago 7 May 1917, naturalized Canadian 1957, d Calgary 16 Aug 1997; B MUS (Northwestern) 1942, M MUS (ESM, Rochester) 1945, PH D (ESM, Rochester) 1951. His first teacher was Ruth Crazier-Curtis.


Richard Leakey (Profile)

There is nothing out of the ordinary about a politician mining history for an anecdote, searching, perhaps, for a wisp of ancient evidence to make a point.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on October 9, 1995


Richard Semmens

Richard (Templar) Semmens. Musicologist, teacher (born 27 December 1950 in Vancouver, BC; died 2022 in London, ON). B MUS (British Columbia) 1973, M MUS (British Columbia) 1975, PH D (Stanford) 1980.


Rika Maniates

Maria Rika Maniates. Musicologist, born Toronto 30 Mar 1937, died there 20 Oct 2011; ARCT 1958, BA (Toronto) 1960, MA (Columbia) 1962, PH D (Columbia) 1965.


Robert Balgarnie Young Scott

Robert Balgarnie Young Scott, biblical scholar (b at Toronto 16 July 1899; d at Toronto, 1 Nov 1987). After serving in the Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve in WWI, he studied Greek and Hebrew at the University of Toronto (PhD 1928).


Robert Bothwell

Robert Selkirk Bothwell, historian, professor (b at Ottawa, 17 Aug 1944). Robert Bothwell was educated at the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO and Harvard University, where he received a PhD in 1972. He began teaching at the University of Toronto in 1970, and was appointed full professor in 1981.