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    Avis Phillips

    Avis (Ruth) Phillips. Soprano, teacher, b Winnipeg 16 Nov 1900, d Vancouver 7 Mar 1986; ATCM 1918, ARCM voice 1925, ARCM piano 1925. After piano studies in Mount Forest, Ont, with Alice Roger Collins, she attended the RCM 1921-5 under Aubyn Raymar (piano) and Edith Grepe (voice).

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    Fleurette Beauchamp-Huppé

    (Marie Berthe) Fleurette Beauchamp-Huppé (b Beauchamp). Pianist, teacher, soprano, born Montreal 12 Dec 1907, died there 15 Mar 2007. She studied piano with Alice McCaughan 1915-22 and with Romain-Octave Pelletier, Arthur Letondal, and Romain Pelletier 1922-32.

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    Bella Hall Gauld

    Bella Hall Gauld, labour educator, political activist, pianist (born 31 December 1878 in Lindsay, ON; died 21 August 1961 in Montreal, QC).

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    Bill Blaikie

    William Alexander Blaikie, PC, OC, politician, United Church minister, professor (born 19 June 1951 in Winnipeg, MB; died 24 September 2022 in Winnipeg). Bill Blaikie was an ordained United Church minister and a proponent of social gospel politics. A major figure in the New Democratic Party (NDP), he served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for 29 years. He sought the leadership of the federal NDP in 2003, placing second behind Jack Layton. After retiring from federal politics, he was elected to one term as a Manitoba MLA and served as minister of conservation. He was also an adjunct professor of theology and politics at the University of Winnipeg.

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    Black Enslavement in Canada (Plain-Language Summary)

    The practice of slavery was introduced by colonists in New France in the early 1600s. The practice was continued after the British took control of New France in 1760 (see British North America.) For about two hundred years, thousands of Indigenous and Black African people were bought, sold, traded and inherited like property in early Canada. Slavery was abolished (made illegal) throughout British North America in 1834. (This article is a plain-language summary of slavery in Canada. If you are interested in reading about this topic in more depth, please see our full-length entry on Black Enslavement in Canada.)

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    George Bornoff

    George Bornoff. Violinist, educator; born Winnipeg 5 Nov 1907, died Feb 1998; LAB 1926, BA (Manitoba) 1932, MA (Columbia) 1946, D MUS (Montreal) 1949. His studies were in Winnipeg: 1916-18 with Gus Hughes, 1919-20 with John Waterhouse, 1922-4 with I.S.

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    Alma Brock-Smith

    (Mary) Alma Brock-Smith, (b Sheasgreen). Pianist, teacher, born Concord, Mass, 21 Feb 1908, died 18 Oct 2009, naturalized Canadian 1971; ATCM 1927. As a young woman she lived in Saskatoon. She taught there privately 1924-34 and studied 1927-38 with Lyell Gustin.

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    Bruno Roy

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    Calvin Carl Gotlieb

    Calvin Carl Gotlieb, "Kelly," computer scientist, university professor (b at Toronto 27 Mar 1921). A pioneer in the computer industry, Gotlieb received a PhD in physics from the University of Toronto in 1947.

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    Camille Bernard

    Camille Bernard. Soprano, teacher, actress, b Joliette, Que, 25 Feb 1898, d Montreal, 16 Jul 1984. After a year (1907) in Paris she began studying singing in Montreal with Béatrice La Palme and Salvator Issaurel.

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    Camille Couture

    Camille Couture. Violinist, teacher, violin maker, (b Loretteville, near Quebec City, 23 Feb 1876, d Montreal 27 Jun 1961). He first studied violin for seven years with Jean Duquette in Montreal.

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    Campbell McInnes

    (James) Campbell McInnes. Baritone, teacher, b Holcombe Brook, Lancs, England, 23 Jan 1873 or 1874, d Toronto 8 Feb 1945.

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    Campbell Trowsdale

    (George) Campbell Trowsdale. Educator, violinist, b Stratford, Ont, 17 Oct 1933; ARCT 1953, B MUS (Toronto) 1954, B ED (Toronto) 1957, M ED (Toronto) 1959, ED D (Toronto) 1962. His teachers included Cora B.

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    Canada's "Founding Mothers" of French Immersion

    Olga Melikoff, Murielle Parkes and Valerie Neale were leaders of the parent group behind the creation, in 1965, of Canada's first bilingual education program, at Margaret Pendlebury Elementary School in the Montreal suburb of Saint-Lambert, Quebec. Their education activism laid the groundwork for the French immersion system in Canada. As a result of their efforts, Melikoff, Parkes and Neale are often referred to as Canada’s “founding mothers" of French immersion.

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    Canadian Association of College and University Libraries

    Canadian Association of College and University Libraries, established 1963, is a division of the Canadian Library Association.

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