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Charles Taylor

Charles Margrave Taylor, CC, GOQ, philosopher, political theorist and public intellectual (born 5 November 1931 in Montreal, Quebec). An internationally celebrated Canadian philosopher, Taylor’s work bridges the gap between philosophical theory and political action. His writings have been translated into more than 20 languages, and have covered a range of subjects including multiculturalism, modernity, humanity, morality, artificial intelligence, language, social behaviour and Canadian politics.


Charles-Joseph Ducharme

Charles-Joseph Ducharme. Teacher, b Lachine, near Montreal, 10 Jan 1786, d Ste-Thérèse-de-Blainville (Ste-Thérese), near Montreal, 25 Mar 1853. He studied music at the Séminaire de Québec along with academic subjects and theology.


Charlotte Cadoret

Charlotte (Augustine) Cadoret (Sister St-Jean-du-Sacré-Coeur, Congregation of Notre-Dame). Educator, composer, pianist, (Newark, NJ, to Canadian parents, Feb 29, 1908 - Montreal, March 7, 1995). Teaching certificate (Montreal) 1928, B.Mus. (ibid.) 1931, L.Mus. (ibid.) 1941.


Charlotte Gray

Charlotte Gray, historian (born in England). Prior to immigrating to Canada from England in 1979, Charlotte Gray attended Oxford University, earning a BA in modern history and later pursuing post-graduate work at the London School of Economics.


Chester William New

Chester William New, university teacher, historian, biographer (b at Montréal 9 Oct 1882; d at Hamilton, Ont 31 Aug 1960). Raised and educated in Hamilton, New was a graduate of the University of Toronto and McMaster University.


Children’s Books about Inuit Culture in Canada

Inuit authors have brought the richness and diversity of Inuit culture into the public eye with several enchanting and powerful books. From oral histories to Arctic animals to supernatural creatures, the books on this list explore various elements of the Inuit culture and way of life. Titles listed are recommended for a range of age groups, from toddlers to preteens. These books support efforts to encourage literacy, preserve and promote culture, and educate others about Inuit and Indigenous peoples and history.


Clayton Oscar Person

Clayton Oscar Person, scientist, educator (b at Regina, Sask 16 May 1922; d at Vancouver, BC 1 Sept 1990). Educated at Saskatoon, Alberta and overseas, Person worked at U Man, U of A and UBC. He is recognized internationally as an authority on the genetics of host-parasite relations.


David Blackwood

David Lloyd Blackwood, CM, O Ont, printmaker, painter (born 7 November 1941 in Wesleyville [now New-Wes-Valley], NL; died 2 July 2022 in Port Hope, ON). David Blackwood was considered one of Canada's most important etchers (see printmaking). Dubbed “Newfoundland’s gothic master” by the Globe and Mail, Blackwood’s work often depicts the treacherous seafaring life of his native Newfoundland. He taught at Trinity College School in Port Hope, Ontario, and served as honorary chair of the Art Gallery of Ontario.


David Gardner

David Gardner, actor, director, educator (born 4 May 1928 in Toronto, ON; died 8 February 2020 in Toronto). David Gardner was a theatre professional who brought a passion for Canadian drama to performance, education and political forums. He had a long and distinguished career as an actor, director, teacher and historian, and was a major player in the development of Canadian theatre. He played some 800 roles on stage, radio, film and television and directed for both stage and television. He taught at the University of Toronto and at York University. His work has been published widely in Canadian encyclopedias and journals.


Derek Holman

Derek Holman, CM, composer, organist, choir conductor, professor (born 16 May 1931 in Illogan, England; died 20 May 2019 in Ottawa, ON). Derek Holman worked at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Croydon Parish Church and the Royal School of Church Music in the United Kingdom before moving to Canada in 1965. He was organist-choirmaster at Toronto’s Grace Church on-the-Hill, choirmaster at Bishop Strachan School and a professor at the University of Toronto. He was perhaps best known for his collaborations with Robertson Davies, including on the children’s opera Doctor Canon’s Cure (1982). Holman was an associate of the Canadian Music Centre and a member of the Canadian League of Composers. He was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Church Music in 1972 and a Member of the Order of Canada in 2002.


Edna Elias

Elias began her career as an elementary school teacher in Kugluktuk and Arctic Bay in 1980, and at the same time was the head of the language bureau of what was then still a part of the Northwest Territory's Department of Culture and Employment.


Edna Marie Hawkin

Edna Marie Hawkin (b Steele). Pianist, teacher, organist, b Chesterfield, England, 6 Nov 1896, naturalized Canadian 1925, d Montreal 29 Jul 1988; ARCM, LRAM.


Edward Broome

(William) Edward Broome. Choir conductor, organist, composer, teacher, b Manchester 3 Jan 1868, d Toronto 28 Apr 1932; piano diploma RAM 1884, Fellow (Guild of Organists) 1889, B MUS (Trinity College, Toronto) 1901, D MUS (Toronto) 1908.


Edward Laufer

Edward (Constantin) Laufer. Theorist, composer, teacher, b Zurich 25 Nov 1938, naturalized Canadian 1953; B MUS (Toronto) 1957, M MUS (Toronto) 1960, MFA (Princeton) 1964. He was raised in Halifax, where his family settled in 1939.


Edward Lincoln

(George) Edward (Ted) Lincoln. Pianist, teacher, administrator, b Teulon, near Winnipeg, 2 Oct 1921, d 10 Jun 1995; LRSM 1939, ARCT 1940, LMM 1946.