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    Sven Börje Johansson

    Sven Börje Johansson, CM, choreographer, reindeer specialist (born in Säffle, Värmland, Sweden on 29 August 1924; died 17 October 2018 in Victoria, BC). Johansson participated in the Canadian Reindeer Project, the Geological Survey of Canada and founded the non-profit Discovery Dance Society.

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    Terence Michael Shortt

    Terence Michael Shortt, ornithologist, artist (b at Winnipeg 1 Mar 1911; d at Toronto 28 Dec 1986).

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    The nature of David

    In his final stretch, the world’s most famous environmentalist is beset by doubts and doubters, at home and abroad.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on November 12, 2013

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    Thomas Blakiston

    Thomas Wright Blakiston, naturalist, magnetic observer and explorer (b at Lymington, Hampshire, Eng 27 Dec 1832; d at San Diego, Calif 15 Oct 1891). In 1857 Blakiston joined the expedition led by John PALLISER.

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    Thomas Davies

    Thomas Davies Thomas Davies, soldier, artist, naturalist (b at Shorter's Hill, England 1737; d at Woolwich, England 16 March 1812). He studied watercolouring under Gamaliel Massiot at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich and went on to exhibit his watercolours and paintings regularly at the Royal Academy from 1771 to 1806. As an officer in the Royal Artillery who eventually rose to the rank of lieutenant-general, he received several postings to North America. From 1757...

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    Thomas Drummond

    Thomas Drummond, botanist, (b in Scot c 1780; d at Havana, Cuba early Mar 1835).

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    Thomas Griffith Taylor

    Thomas Griffith Taylor, geographer, educator, explorer (b at Walthamstow, Eng 1 Dec 1880; d at Sydney, Australia 4 Nov 1963). A dynamic personality who did research on every continent, Taylor founded the first Canadian department of geography at U of T (1935).

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    Thorvaldur Johnson

    Thorvaldur Johnson, plant pathologist (b at Arnes, Man 23 Oct 1897; d at Winnipeg 15 Sept 1979). Johnson became Margaret NEWTON's assistant at the Winnipeg Rust Research Laboratory in 1925 and was its head from 1953 until his retirement in 1962.

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    Timothy Richard Parsons

    Timothy Richard Parsons, biological oceanographer (b in Sri Lanka [Ceylon] 1 Nov 1932). He received his doctorate in biochemistry at McGill and worked as a research scientist in Nanaimo, BC, for 11 years, Secretariat of UNESCO, Paris, for 2 years, and professor of oceanography, UBC, 1971 to present.

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    Titus Smith

    Titus Smith, naturalist, surveyor, traveller, agriculturist (b at Granby, Mass 4 Sept 1768; d at Dutch Village near Halifax 4 Jan 1850). To his innate interest in all natural studies, Smith brought a mind well schooled in botany and a keen interest in the conservation of animal and plant life.

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    Topographic Painters

    Topography was a subject taught at the Woolwich Royal Military Academy by artists such as Paul Sandby, who achieved his fame with ornamental landscapes that combined the precision of topography with a flexible and poetic visual technique.

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    William Fuller

    William (Bill) Albert Fuller, ecologist, conservationist (born 10 May 1924 in Moosomin, SK; died 13 June 2009 in Edmonton, AB).

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    William Bell Dawson

    William Bell Dawson, surveyor, engineer, civil servant (b at Pictou, NS 2 May 1854; d at Montréal 21 May 1944). Son of Sir John William DAWSON, he studied at McGill and the École des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris, France.

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    William Cameron

    William Maxwell Cameron, physical oceanographer (b at Battleford, Sask 24 July 1914; d at Vancouver, 4 July 2008).

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    William Edwin Ricker

    William Edwin Ricker, OC, FRSC, fishery and aquatic biologist (born 11 August 1908 in Waterdown, ON; died 8 September 2001 in Nanaimo, BC). Ricker was widely recognized as Canada's foremost fishery scientist.

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