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    Alf Erling Porsild

    Alf Erling Porsild, botanist, northern explorer (b at Copenhagen, Denmark 17 Jan 1901; d at Vienna, Austria 13 Nov 1977).

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    Alfred Richard Cecil Selwyn

    Alfred Richard Cecil Selwyn, geologist, director of the Geological Survey of Canada (born 28 July 1824 in Kilmington, England; died 19 October 1902 in Vancouver).

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    Alfred Savage

    Alfred Savage, veterinarian, teacher, researcher (born 10 August 1889 in Montréal, Qc; died 14 January 1970 in Winnipeg).

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    Alfred Schmitz Shadd

    Alfred Schmitz Shadd, educator, physician, farmer, politician, pharmacist, editor, civic leader (born 1870 in Raleigh Township, Kent County, ON; died 1915 in Winnipeg, MB).

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    Alice Wilson

    Alice Evelyn Wilson, MBE, geologist, paleontologist (born 26 August 1881 in Cobourg, ON; died 15 April 1964 in Ottawa, ON). Educated at the Universities of Toronto and Chicago, Wilson spent her entire professional career, from 1909 to 1946, with the Geological Survey of Canada. She was Canada’s first female geologist and the recognized authority on the fossils and rock of the Ottawa-St. Lawrence Valley. While she repeatedly faced barriers as a woman in a profession dominated by men, Wilson was gradually recognized for her work through various honours, including becoming the first female Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1938.

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    Alice Vibert Douglas

    Alice Vibert Douglas, astronomer (b at Montréal 1894; d at Kingston Ont 2 July 1988). Douglas received her doctorate from McGill in 1926. During WWI she was engaged in war work in England and then studied at the Cambridge Observatory and the Cavendish Laboratory 1921-23.

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    Allan Selwyn Bundy

    Allan Selwyn Bundy, pilot (born 1920 in Dartmouth, NS; died 9 December 2001 in Toronto, ON). He was one of two known Black Canadian combat pilots during the Second World War. Bundy served in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and, according to the operations record book of 404 Squadron, flew 28 combat missions.

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    Allan Roy Dafoe

    Allan Roy Dafoe, physician (b at Madoc, Ont 29 May 1883; d at North Bay, Ont 2 June 1943). A shy recluse with an indifferent academic record, he achieved worldwide fame for his successful delivery on 28 May 1934 of the Dionne Quintuplets.

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    Alton Goldbloom

    Alton Goldbloom, pediatrician, educator, author (b at Montréal 23 Sept 1890; d there 3 Feb 1968). A 1916 McGill medical graduate, Goldbloom pioneered modern pediatrics in Québec and eastern Canada. Following internships, including 2 years in New York, he began to practise in Montréal (1920).

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    Amelia Yeomans

    Amelia Yeomans (née LeSueur), physician, social and political reformer, temperance advocate, suffragist and public speaker (born 29 March 1842 in Québec City, Canada East; died 22 April 1913 in Calgary, AB).

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    Henri-Marc Ami

    Henri-Marc Ami, palaeontologist, prehistorian (b at Belle-Rivière, Qué 23 Nov 1858; d at Menton, France 4 Jan 1931). The son of a Swiss pastor, Ami studied science at McGill, notably under John William DAWSON. He worked for the GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA 1882-1911.

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    Anderson Abbott

    Anderson Ruffin Abbott, doctor, surgeon (born 7 April 1837 in Toronto, Upper Canada; died 29 December 1913 in Toronto, ON). Abbott was the first Canadian-born Black person to graduate from medical school. He served the Union army as a civilian surgeon during the American Civil War.

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    André Cipriani

    André Joseph Cipriani, biophysicist, avid sportsman, bon vivant (b at Port-of-Spain, Trinidad 2 Apr 1908; d at Deep River, Ont 23 Feb 1956).

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    André Michaux

    André Michaux, botanist, explorer (b near Versailles, France 8 Mar 1746; d on Madagascar 11 Oct 1803?). He compiled the first North American flora which includes many plants collected in Lower Canada in 1792.

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    Andrew George Latta McNaughton

    Andrew George Latta McNaughton, army officer, scientist, diplomat (b at Moosomin, NWT [Sask] 25 Feb 1887; d at Montebello, Qué 11 July 1966).

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