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    William Warren Baldwin

    William Warren Baldwin, doctor, lawyer, politician (b at Knockmore, Ire 25 Apr 1775; d at Toronto 8 Jan 1844). He arrived in Upper Canada in 1799, eventually settling at York [Toronto]. Urbane, talented and in due course wealthy, Baldwin established a comfortable and distinguished law practice.

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    William Wrightson Eustace (W.W.E.) Ross

    William Wrightson Eustace (W.W.E.) Ross, poet, geophysicist (b at Peterborough, Ont, 14 Jun 1894; d at Toronto, 26 Aug 1966). W.W.E. Ross grew up in Pembroke, Ontario and later attended the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO where he earned his degree in geophysics (1914).

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    Wilson Nichols Stewart

    Wilson Nichols Stewart, palaeobotanist, educator (born at Madison, Wisconsin 7 Dec 1917; died at Kootney, BC, 2 Apr 2004). An imaginative and creative scientist, Stewart strongly influenced the field of BOTANY during his tenure at the University of Alberta (U of A).

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    W.W. Gibson

    William Wallace Gibson, aircraft inventor (b at Dalmellington, Scot 1876; d at San Francisco, Calif Dec 1965). After making a fortune in mining, Gibson built the first successful Canadian aircraft engine, and then the Twin-Plane

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    Yves Wilfred Clermont

    Yves Wilfrid Clermont, anatomist (born 14 August 1926 in Montréal, QC; died 10 October 2014 in Montréal). An outstanding teacher of histology, Clermont was best known as a specialist in male reproduction.

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    Zbigniew Stanislaw Basinski

    Zbigniew Stanislaw Basinski, physicist (born 28 April 1928 in Wolkowysk, Poland; died 12 August 1999). Recognized as the doyen of Canadian metal physics, he received the BSc, MA, DPhil and DSci degrees from Oxford, at the same time holding the post of research assistant in the department of metallurgy.

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