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    Adelmo Melecci

    Adelmo Melecci. Teacher, composer, organist, b Felonica Po, near Venice, 18 May 1899, naturalized Canadian 1928, d 31 Aug 2004; honorary ARCT (1988).

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    Adolph Koldofsky

    In 1944 Koldofsky became concertmaster of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and conductor of the Junior Symphony. In 1945 he moved to Los Angeles, where he played in the RKO studio and in chamber music recitals and established a local chapter of the International Society for Contemporary Music.

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    Adolphe Hamel

    Adolphe (Théophile) Hamel. Organist, pianist, choirmaster, businessman, b Quebec City 15 May 1842, d there November 1887. He studied violin, then piano and organ with Paul Letondal as part of the academic studies he began in Montreal and completed in Quebec City.

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    Adrien Arcand

    Adrien Arcand, journalist, demagogue and fascist (b at Québec City 1899; d at Montréal 1 Aug 1967). A fanatical and shrill-voiced follower of Adolf Hitler, Arcand edited several newspapers and founded and led a series of far-right Québec-based political parties.

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    Adrianne Pieczonka

    Adrianne Pieczonka. Soprano, b Poughkeepsie, NY, 2 Mar 1963; B MUS (Western Ontario) 1985, M MUS (Toronto) 1988. Adrianne Pieczonka and her family moved to Burlington, Ont., when she was 2 years old. She was encouraged to take piano lessons at an early age.

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    Adrien Hébert

    Adrien Hébert's artistic career may be said to have begun in 1909 when he exhibited for the first time at the AAM's Salon du printemps, a venue that regularly featured his works up until 1954. From 1910 to 1960 his paintings were shown at the annual exhibitions of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.

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    Adrien Pouliot

    Adrien Pouliot, engineer and mathematician (b at Saint-Jean, Île d'Orléans 4 Jan 1896: d at Québec City 1980). After completing his cours classique at the Séminaire de Québec, he entered the École Polytechnique de Montréal earning a BA in applied science in 1915.

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    Adrienne Clarkson (Interview)

    Many of their books are still in boxes and the personal furniture has not yet arrived from their former home in Toronto, but Adrienne Clarkson and her husband, John Ralston Saul, are settling into Rideau Hall.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on January 1, 2000

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    Adrienne Clarkson (Profile)

    This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on March 24, 2003. Partner content is not updated.

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    Adrienne Labelle

    Adrienne Labelle. Soprano, teacher, b Montreal, fl 1904-10. She studied voice with her father, Charles, and Céline Marier and piano with Alexis Contant and Émery Lavigne. She completed her voice studies in 1903 with Auguste-Jean Dubulle in Paris.

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    Adrienne Clarkson

    Adrienne Louise Clarkson, PC, CC, CMM, COM, CD, 26th governor general of Canada 1999–2005, television personality, journalist, novelist, public servant, publisher (born 10 February 1939 in Hong Kong). In 1999, Clarkson was appointed as Canada’s 26th governor general by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. She was the first racialized person, the first person of Asian heritage and the first without a political or military background appointed to the vice-regal position. Her appointment came after an award-winning career in broadcast and print journalism, where she was best known as host and reporter of CBC’s the fifth estate. After her tenure as governor general, Clarkson and her husband, John Ralston Saul, launched the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, an organization that aims to accelerate the cultural integration of new citizens into Canadian society. She is the author of two novels and five works of nonfiction.

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    Adrienne Roy-Vilandré

    Adrienne ('Yohadio') Roy-Vilandré (b Roy, m Vilandré). Soprano, folklorist, b Lévis, near Quebec City, Que, 13 Feb 1893, d Montreal 23 Oct 1978. After taking voice lessons in Quebec City with Isa Jeynevald-Mercier, Victor Occelier, and Berthe Roy she made her debut at the Club musical de Québec.

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    Afghan Canadians

    The Afghan community in Canada is relatively new. Until 1978, about 1,000 Afghans lived in Canada. However, since 1978, decades of political instability, invasions and war in Afghanistan pushed many to leave to other countries. Since then, the Afghan population in Canada has grown. (See Refugees to Canada.) According to Statistics Canada’s 2016 census, approximately 84,000 Afghans are living in Canada, the majority of whom are settled in the suburbs of major cities.

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    African Canadians

    Prior to 1960, black Africans comprised a very small, scattered and almost unknown group of newcomers to Canada, although Africans of European and Asian ancestry had a clearer presence. According to the 2016 census, 1,067,925 Canadians reported being of African origin (682,570 single and 385,355 multiple responses). Of that number, 230,110 people reported Central and West African origins; 355,040 reported North African origins; 260,145 reported Southern and East African origins and; 239,560 reported other African origins.

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    Afua Cooper

    Afua (Ava Pamela) Cooper, educator, historian, performance artist, poet (born 8 November 1957 in the Whithorn district of Westmoreland, Jamaica), is considered one of the most influential and pioneering voices in the Canadian dub poetry and spoken word movement. Her poems are published in numerous regional, national and international journals and anthologies. Afua Cooper also has CDs of her performances that make her work well known to the global community. In addition to her renown as a performance artist, she is an internationally-ranked historian. She has taught Caribbean cultural studies, history, women's studies and Black studies at Ryerson and York universities, at the University of Toronto and at Dalhousie University.

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