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    Canadair Challenger

    Canadair Challenger, corporate executive aircraft developed and built in Canada. Exhaustive testing resulted in an advanced wing design, broad body and quiet, efficient engines. It carries up to 19 passengers at a normal cruise speed of 819 km/h.

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    Canadair CL-215

    Canadair CL-215, unique amphibious aircraft designed to fight forest fires with water bombing and chemical fire retardants. It can scoop up a load of over 5000 litres of water in 10 seconds while skimming over a body of water, and jettison it over a fire in less than 1 second.

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    Canadair CL-28 Argus

    The Canadair CL-28 Argus was a long-range maritime patrol plane built in Canada. When it entered service with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 1957, it was the most advanced anti-submarine aircraft in the world. After unification of the Canadian Armed Forces in 1968, the CL-28 was re-designated as the CP-107. It was replaced in the early-1980s by the CP-140 Lockheed Aurora.

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    Canadair Ltd

    Canadair Ltd, aerospace manufacturers. The company had its origins in the aircraft division of Canadian Vickers Ltd, formed in 1923. It was purchased by Canadians in 1927 and during WWII produced the Canso, a long-range flying boat used for maritime patrol.

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    Canada's Auto Industry Struggling

    FOR THE FIRST TIME in his life, Buzz Hargrove didn't buy a new car last year after trading in his '99 Chrysler LHS. Instead, he got himself a Jeep, a luxurious 2002 Grand Cherokee. Now he admits he doesn't care much for it, that he's not one for an SUV.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on September 23, 2002

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    Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Programs

    Temporary foreign worker programs are regulated by the federal government and allow employers to hire foreign nationals on a temporary basis to fill gaps in their workforces. Each province and territory also has its own set of policies that affect the administration of the programs. Canada depends on thousands of migrant workers every year to bolster its economy and to support its agricultural, homecare, and other lower-wage sectors. In 2014, there were 567,077 migrant workers employed in Canada, with migrant farm workers making up 12 per cent of Canada’s agricultural workforce. A growing labour shortage is projected to increase, with a study by the Conference Board of Canada projecting 113,800 unfilled jobs by 2025.

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    Canadian Airlines International

    Canadian Airlines International, see PACIFIC WESTERN AIRLINES LTD.

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    Canadian Airlines Struggles

    This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on February 12, 1996. Partner content is not updated. When he stepped into the job of president at Canadian Airlines International Ltd. four years ago, Kevin Jenkins decided to learn the ropes the hard way.

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    Canadian Airlines Struggles to Stay Aloft

    This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on December 2, 1996. Partner content is not updated. Mike Lowther calls it "Black Friday" - the day CANADIAN AIRLINES INTERNATIONAL LTD. told its 16,400 employees that the company was on the brink of collapse.

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    Canadian Airlines' Survival Deal

    For a Prime Minister who boasts that he has no trouble keeping his hands off issues best delegated to the cabinet, Jean CHRÉTIEN can sometimes be a decidedly hands-on leader.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on December 16, 1996

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    Canadian Business

    Canadian Business, a magazine established in 1927, is Canada's leading business monthly magazine. It was owned by the Montréal Chamber of Commerce and published in Montréal from its inception until 1978, when it was bought by Michael de Pencier, Alexander Ross and Roy MacLaren, and moved to Toronto.

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    Canadian Business Review

    Canadian Business Review, The, established in 1974, was a quarterly published by the Conference Board of Canada from its headquarters in Ottawa. With a circulation of about 8000, it fulfilled the same role in Canada as the board's US magazine, Across the Board, did in that country.

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    Canadian Commercial Bank

    Canadian Commercial Bank (CCB) became Canada's tenth Schedule A bank when chartered as Canadian Commercial and Industrial Bank on 30 July 1975.

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    Canadian Congress of Labour

    Canadian Congress of Labour, founded fall 1940 as a merger of the All-Canadian Congress of Labour and the Canadian section of the Congress of Industrial Organizations. For 16 years the CCL was in the forefront of Canadian union activity and organization.

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    Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission

    Created in 2000, the privately funded Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accountability Commission (CDCAC) was co-chaired by Canadian publisher Avie Bennett and ex-NDP leader Ed Broadbent.

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