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    Albert Greer

    Albert Greer. Tenor, choir conductor, teacher, b Toronto 23 Feb 1937; BA (Toronto) 1960, ARCT Gold Medal 1964. He studied with Aksel Schiøtz at the University of Toronto and was a member 1956-60 and 1964-7 of the Festival Singers.

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    Albert Grenier

    (Joseph Jacques) Albert Grenier. Pianist, teacher, administrator, b Shawinigan, Que, 31 Aug 1939; BA (Montreal) 1957, M MUS (Karlsruhe) 1964, L MUS (Montreal) 1971. He took private piano lessons with Georges Savaria and studied with him 1952-6 at the CMM.

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    Albert Ham

    Albert Ham. Choir conductor, teacher, composer, textbook author, organist, b Bath, 7 Jun 1858, d Brighton, 4 Feb 1940; FRCO 1883, D MUS (Dublin) 1894, honorary D MUS (Toronto) 1906, honorary DCL (Bishop's) 1933.

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    Albert Schultz

    Albert Hamilton Schultz, CM, actor, director, producer (born 30 July 1963 in Port Hope, Ontario). Albert Schultz is an award-winning actor, director and producer. He broke out as a leading man on the CBC TV series Street Legal before focusing his career on the stage. He co-founded Toronto’s Soulpepper Theatre in 1998. He served as its Artistic Director until resigning in January 2018 due to allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

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    Albert Jacques Franck

    Albert Jacques Franck, Albie, painter (b at Middelburg, Holland 2 Apr 1899; d at Toronto 28 Feb 1973).

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    Albert Laberge

    Albert Laberge, journalist, author (b at Beauharnois, Qué 18 Feb 1871; d at Montréal 4 Apr 1960). Laberge began school at the Académie Saint-Clément in Beauharnois and later attended Collège Sainte-Marie in Montréal, which he left in 1892. In 1894 he studied law at the École de Leblond de Brumath.

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    Albert LaMadeleine

    (J.O.) Albert LaMadeleine. Violonist, b Valleyfield 10 Mar 1905, d Laval, near Montreal, 4 Jun 1986. He studied with his father, Joseph, and at 17 began to play for dances, making his career initially in the northeastern USA.

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    Albert Millaire

    Albert Millaire, OC, stage and film actor, director (born 18 January 1935, in Montréal, Québec; died 15 August 2018).

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    Albert Nordheimer

    Albert Nordheimer. Music dealer, publisher, piano manufacturer, b Toronto ca 1850-5, d there 2 Dec 1938. Educated at Upper Canada College, Toronto, and in Europe, he joined A. & S. Nordheimer music store and publishing firm in 1870 and became managing director and later (1912-27) president.

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    Albert Pratz

    Pratz, Albert. Violinist, conductor, teacher, composer, b Toronto 13 May 1914, d Scottsdale, Ariz, 28 Mar 1995.

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    Albert Roberval

    Roberval, Albert. Conductor, stage director, tenor, teacher, actor, b Florence 23 Oct 1869, naturalized Canadian 1923, d Montreal 4 Oct 1941.

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    Albert Rousseau

    Albert Rousseau, painter, printmaker, animator (born 17 October 1908 in St-Étienne-de-Lauzon, Québec; died 18 March 1982).

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    Albert Viau

    Albert Viau. Baritone, folksinger, teacher, composer, b Montreal 6 Nov 1910, d 27 Jun 2001; B MUS (Montreal) 1966, teaching certificate (Quebec Ministry of Education) 1966. He studied piano with Arthur Caron, but at 17 decided to study voice.

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    Alberta Composers' Association/Association des Compositeurs de l'Alberta

    Alberta Composers' Association/Association des Compositeurs de l'Alberta (ACA). Founded at Edmonton in September 1977 upon the advice of an ad hoc committee comprising the composers Violet Archer, Dean G. Blair, David Duke, Ronald Hannah, and Richard Johnston, with the assistance of John Weinzweig.

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    Alberta Watson

    ​Faith Susan Alberta Watson, actor (born 6 March 1955 in Toronto, ON; died 21 March 2015 in Toronto).

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