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    Claire Morissette

    Claire Morissette, cycling advocate, environmentalist, feminist (born 6 April 1950 in Montreal, QC; died 20 July 2007 in Montreal). Morissette committed most of her life to promoting the use of bicycles as a primary means of transportation in the city of Montreal (see Bicycling). She was a long-time member of the Montreal-based cycling advocacy group Le Monde à bicyclette and a long-time collaborator with the city’s other principal cycling advocate, Robert “Bicycle Bob” Silverman. Morissette began her cycling advocacy in 1976 and continued contributing to the cause until she died from breast cancer at the age of 57. Thanks in part to Morissette’s tireless efforts, Montreal is recognized as one of the most bike-friendly cities in North America.

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    Clara Dennis

    Clarissa Archibald Dennis, travel writer, photographer, motorist (born 24 November 1881 in Truro, NS; died 16 February 1958 in Halifax, NS). Beginning around 1930, Clara Dennis spent a decade travelling across Nova Scotia by car. She was one of the first travel writers from Nova Scotia to write about the province. Her books and photographs documented the people and places in the far corners of the area.

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    Daniel McCowan

    Daniel McCowan, naturalist, lecturer, writer (b at Crieff, Scot 20 Jan 1882; d at Cloverdale, BC 19 Feb 1956). After an early education in Scotland, he moved to Banff, Alta, where he soon acquired expertise on the local flora and fauna.

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    David Fife

    David Fife, farmer, wheat breeder (b at Kincardine, Scot 1805; d near Peterborough, Ont 9 Jan 1877). Fife immigrated to Otonabee, Upper Canada, with his parents in 1820. In 1842 he planted seeds of WHEAT obtained by a friend in Scotland from Danzig [Gdansk, Poland].

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    David Thompson

    David Thompson, explorer, cartographer (born 30 April 1770 in London, England; died 10 February 1857 in Longueuil, Canada East). David Thomson was called “the greatest land geographer who ever lived.” He walked or paddled 80,000 km or more in his life, mapping most of western Canada, parts of the east and the northwestern United States. And like so many geniuses, his achievements were only recognized after his death.

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    David Thompson and the Mapping of Canada

    The following article is an editorial written by The Canadian Encyclopedia staff. Editorials are not usually updated.

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    Deborah McGregor

    Deborah McGregor, Indigenous Knowledge Systems expert, environmentalist, professor (born in Whitefish River First Nation, Birch Island, ON). Deborah McGregor is an Anishinaabe scholar and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) expert. Her work focuses on how Indigenous Knowledges, experiences and voices can be applied to solve environmental problems. McGregor has held roles in both academic institutions and public organizations to address issues related to climate change.

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    Donald Fulton Putnam

    Donald Fulton Putnam, geographer, educator (b at Lower Onslow, NS 15 Aug 1903; d at Toronto 23 Feb 1977). Although his early training was in agriculture and soils, he was invited by Griffith TAYLOR, founder of the Department of Geography at University of Toronto, to join the department in 1938.

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    Donald Strathearn Rawson

    Donald Strathearn Rawson, limnologist (b at Claremont, Ont 19 May 1905; d at Saskatoon 16 Feb 1961). His doctoral dissertation (U of T, 1929) on the bottom fauna of Lk Simcoe was a model for ecological limnology for 20 years.

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    Edgar Spinney Archibald

    Edgar Spinney Archibald, agriculturalist (b at Yarmouth, NS 12 May 1885; d at Ottawa 23 Jan 1968). Archibald's greatest contribution to Canadian agriculture was his dedicated and active support of scientists in the Experimental Farms Service, of which he was director 1919-51.

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    Édouard-André Barnard

    Édouard-André Barnard, agronomist and journalist (b at Trois-Rivières, Qué 30 Sept 1835; d at Varennes, Qué 19 Aug 1898). An important Québec agronomist in the second half of the 19th century, Barnard had abandoned his studies early to go into trade.

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    Édouard-Gaston Deville

    Édouard-Gaston Deville, surveyor (b at La Charité sur Noire, Nièvre, France 21 Feb 1849; d at Ottawa 21 Sept 1924). Educated at the naval school at Brest, Deville served in the French Navy and was in charge of its hydrographic surveys throughout the world.

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    Eenoolooapik, also known as Bobbie, Inuk traveller, guide (born circa 1820 in Qimisuk [or Qimmiqsut], Cumberland Sound, NT; died in 1847 in Cumberland Sound, NU). Eenoolooapik provided British whaling captain William Penny with a map of Cumberland Sound that led to the rediscovery of that area 255 years after English explorer John Davis first saw it. The geographic information Eenoolooapik provided to whalers led to years of permanent whaling camps in Cumberland Sound.

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    Elizabeth Rummel

    Baroness Elizabet von Rummel (anglicized as Elizabeth Rummel, also known as “Lizzie”), CM, mountain lodge proprietor, mountaineer (born 19 February 1897 in Munich, Germany; died 10 October 1980 in Canmore, AB.) After a privileged upbringing in Europe, Elizabeth Rummel and her family settled on a ranch in Alberta during the First World War. At age 41, Rummel struck out on her own, working at and managing lodges in the Rocky Mountains. In 1951, she opened her own mountain camp for tourists and climbers on Sunburst Lake, north of Mount Assiniboine. She was a renowned figure in the Rockies, known for sharing her love and knowledge of the area with guests from around the world. Rummel was invested as a Member of the Order of Canada for her work in the mountains.

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    Elsie Reford

    Elsie Reford, née Meighen, philanthropist and founder of the Reford Gardens (born 8 January 1872 in Perth, ON; died 8 November 1967 in Montreal, QC). A niece of Lord Mount Stephen and a close friend of Lord Grey, Reford belonged to the conservative and imperialist wing of Montreal’s large business bourgeoisie.

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