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  • Macleans

    Grey Owl

    Almost as soon as the man known as GREY OWL died in a Prince Albert, Sask., hospital on April 13, 1938, his many secrets began to emerge into the open air.This article was originally published in Maclean's Magazine on October 4, 1999

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    Heritage Minutes

    The Heritage Minutes collection is a bilingual series of history-focused public service announcements. Each 60-second short film depicts a significant person, event or story in Canadian history. They are produced by Historica Canada, the not-for-profit organization that also publishes this encyclopedia. First released in 1991, the Heritage Minutes have been shown on television, in cinemas and online. They have become a recognizable part of Canadian culture. The collection currently includes 100 episodes.

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    Howard Fredeen

    Howard Fredeen, agricultural research scientist (b at Macrorie, Sask 10 Dec 1921).

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    Irving Kingsbury Fox

    Irving Kingsbury Fox, professor, resource planner, conservationist (born at Bolton, Michigan 7 December 1916; died at Smithers, BC 20 July 2006).

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    Jacques Rousseau

    Jacques Rousseau, botanist, ethnobiologist, ethnohistorian (b at St-Lambert, Qué 5 Oct 1905; d at Lac Ouareau, Qué 4 Aug 1970).

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    James Bernard Harkin

    James Bernard Harkin, environmentalist (b at Vankleek Hill, Ont 30 Jan 1875; d at Ottawa 27 Jan 1955).

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    James Fletcher

    James Fletcher, entomologist, botanist (b at Ashe, Eng 28 Mar 1852; d at Montréal 8 Nov 1908).

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    James White

    James White, geographer (b at Ingersoll, Ont 3 Feb 1863; d at Ottawa 26 Feb 1928). He was educated at RMC and in 1884 he was employed as an assistant topographer in the GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF CANADA, where he carried out numerous surveys in Ontario, Québec and the Rocky Mts.

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    James Williams Tyrrell

    James Williams Tyrrell, explorer, mine promoter (b at Weston, Canada W 10 May 1863; d at Bartonville, Ont 16 Jan 1945), brother of Joseph Burr TYRRELL. James was educated in civil engineering.

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    Jean Cadieux

    Cadieux, Jean, legendary French Canadian VOYAGEUR of the 18th century who lived in the Ottawa River region. When his cabin was attacked by Indians, he sent his family down the rapids in his canoe and stayed behind to prevent pursuit.

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    Jean Nicollet de Belleborne

    Jean Nicollet de Belleborne, interpreter, explorer (born c. 1598 in Cherbourg, France; died 27 Oct 1642 in Sillery, QC).

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    Jennie Butchart

    Jeannette (Jennie) Foster Butchart (née Kennedy), gardener, hostess (born February 1865 in Toronto, ON; died 12 December 1950 in Victoria, BC). Butchart created one of British Columbia’s top tourist attractions, Butchart Gardens, on her family’s estate on Vancouver Island. From 1904 to 1939, she laid out several formal gardens that included over 900 varieties of plants. Butchart transformed a depleted limestone quarry on the property into the iconic Sunken Garden. For decades, she welcomed tens of thousands of visitors to the gardens each year.

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    Joao Alvares Fagundes

    Joao Alvares Fagundes, explorer (fl 1521). In 1520 he explored the coast south and west of Cape Race, Nfld, and perhaps entered the St Lawrence River. He may have sighted Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, Cape Breton Island and Sable Island.

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    Joao Fernandes

    Joao Fernandes, explorer (flourished 1486-1505). A Portuguese of the Azores, he had traded with Bristol from 1486. He likely sailed with John CABOT in 1498 as a pilot. Cabot's ship went down, but Fernandes returned with charts of discoveries around Greenland and Newfoundland.

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    Joey Angnatok

    Joey Angnatok, hunter, fisherman, social entrepreneur, businessman, community leader (born May 1976 in Nain, Newfoundland) has worked with university researchers and his fellow Inuit for more than 30 years collecting climate and other environmental data. At the end of each fishing season, he turns his fishing boat into a marine research vessel.

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