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    Clarence Meredith Hincks

    Clarence Meredith Hincks, physician, mental-health reformer (b at St Marys, Ont 8 Apr 1885; d at Toronto 17 Dec 1964). He received his MD from the University of Toronto in 1907 and, finding general practice unsuitable, obtained a part-time post as medical inspector for Toronto schools.

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    Clarke Fraser

    Frank Clarke Fraser, OC, FRSC, physician, medical geneticist (born 29 March 1920 in Norwich, Connecticut; died 17 December 2014 in Digby, Nova Scotia).

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    Claude Baillif

    Claude Baillif dit Regnault, masonry builder, architect (b c1635; d at sea, early 1699). The Séminaire de Québec hired Baillif as a stonecutter at La Rochelle, France, in May 1675.

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    Claude Cormier

    Claude Cormier, CQ, RCA, landscape architect, artist (born 22 June 1960 in Princeville, QC; died 15 September 2023 in Montreal, QC). Cormier was the founding principal of the landscape architecture and design firm, CCxA (formerly Claude Cormier + Associés). Cormier’s projects often involved the transformation of urban spaces, including existing parks, plazas, and city squares, though he and his firm were also involved in the development of landscaping master plans for a variety of urban environments (see Urban Design). Cormier was well known for his whimsical artistic and architectural interventions in urban areas and for reimagining public spaces in innovative and playful ways.

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    Clayton Oscar Person

    Clayton Oscar Person, scientist, educator (b at Regina, Sask 16 May 1922; d at Vancouver, BC 1 Sept 1990). Educated at Saskatoon, Alberta and overseas, Person worked at U Man, U of A and UBC. He is recognized internationally as an authority on the genetics of host-parasite relations.

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    Clifford Wiens

    Clifford Donald Wiens, architect, designer, teacher (born 27 April 1926 in Glenn Kerr, SK; died 25 January 2020 in Vancouver, BC). Clifford Wiens’s distinguished body of work reflects both corporate modern architecture and a broader expressionist movement. Wiens was known for his superb and inventive architectural and structural details, as well as for his simple but strong forms. His distinctive approach to structure and form was shaped by his relationship with the abstract painters in the Regina Five and his background in industrial design. Wiens won two Massey Awards and the Prix du XXe siècle from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Following his death in 2020, the Globe and Mail called him Saskatchewan’s “leading architect of the postwar era.”

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    Cluny Macpherson

    Cluny Macpherson, doctor, inventor, businessman, justice of the peace (b at St John's Mar 1879; d there 16 Nov 1966).

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    Crawford Stanley Holling

    Crawford Stanley Holling, “Buzz,” OC, FRSC, ecologist (born 6 Dec 1930 in Theresa, New York; died 16 August 2019 in  Nanaimo, BC). One of the best-known Canadian forest entomologists, Holling gained international recognition for his work in the management of natural resources.

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    Criddle Family

    The Criddle family were naturalists known for detailed and long-term records of fauna and flora at Aweme (near Treesbank), Manitoba, starting with Percy's diaries kept since their arrival from England in 1882.

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    Cyril Harold Goulden

    Cyril Harold Goulden, geneticist (b at Bridgend, Wales 2 June 1897; d at Ottawa 4 Feb 1981).

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    Dave Williams

    Dafydd (Dave) Rhys Williams, OC, OOnt, astronaut, aquanaut, scientist, pilot, physician, author (born 16 May 1954 in Saskatoon, SK). Dr. Dave Williams was a mission specialist on two NASA space shuttle missions and an aquanaut participating in undersea research. As a medical doctor and an astronaut, he contributed to vital life-science experiments focused on the effects of microgravity on the human brain and nervous system. (See also Canadian Space Agency.) He has served as a senior administrative officer at numerous medical institutions.

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    Dave Williams (Profile)

    This article was originally published in Maclean’s magazine on April 13, 1998. Partner content is not updated.

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    David Arnold Keys

    David Arnold Keys, physicist (b at Toronto 4 Nov 1890; d at Ottawa 28 Oct 1977). He was a much-loved professor at McGill 1922-47 and thereafter the "mayor of Chalk River" - administrative manager of the Canadian atomic project. After research on antisubmarine warfare with J.C.

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    David Boyle

    David Boyle, blacksmith, teacher, archaeologist, museologist, historian (b at Greenock, Scot 1 May 1842; d at Toronto, Ont 14 Feb 1911). Although apprenticed as a blacksmith on arriving in Canada in 1856, Boyle became internationally prominent as Canada's premier archaeologist before WWI.

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    David Douglas

    David Douglas, botanist (b at Scone near Perth, Scotland 25 July 1799; d in Hawaii 12 July 1834). Douglas became an apprentice gardener at age 11; at 20 he moved to the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow, and at 23 became a collector for the Horticultural Society of London in North America.

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