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Vernon Clifford Fowke

Vernon Clifford Fowke, economic historian, professor (b at Parry Sound, Ont 5 May 1907; d at San Francisco, Calif 24 Feb 1966). He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1929, and immediately joined the teaching staff.


Vernon Fired

Their support was welcome, but it was too late. Last week, bleary-eyed travellers boarding Air Canada's 9:15 a.m. flight from Toronto to Ottawa were joined by Maj.-Gen Brian Vernon.


Victor Li

​Victor Li, business tycoon (born 1 August 1964 in British Hong Kong), studied at Stanford University in California earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil and structural engineering. He is the son of business tycoon Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong’s richest man, who has a net worth of US$31.8 billion, according to Forbes (March 2017). Li is best known in Canadian business circles as the co-chairman of Calgary-based Husky Energy, and also for his attempt to bail out Air Canada in 2004. He currently serves as the chairman of CKI, an infrastructure conglomerate with holdings in Canada, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Li holds citizenship in both Canada and China.


Vivienne Poy

Vivienne May Poy (née Lee), fashion designer, author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, senator (born 15 May 1941 in Hong Kong). Vivienne Poy is a fashion designer who founded Vivienne Poy Mode in 1981. In 1998, she became the first Canadian of Asian descent to be appointed to the Senate. She is an accomplished author and publisher of histories and biographies. She was also governor of McGill University and chancellor of the University of Toronto, and played a key role in founding Asian Heritage Month in Canada.



Voyageurs were independent contractors, workers or minor partners in companies involved in the fur trade. They were licensed to transport goods to trading posts and were usually forbidden to do any trading of their own. The fur trade changed over the years, as did the groups of men working in it. In the 17th century, voyageurs were often coureurs des bois — unlicensed traders responsible for delivering trade goods from suppliers to Indigenous peoples. The implementation of the trading licence system in 1681 set voyageurs apart from coureurs des bois, who were then considered outlaws of sorts. Today, the word voyageur, like the term coureur des bois, evokes the romantic image of men canoeing across the continent in search of furs. Their life was full of perilous adventure, gruelling work and cheerful camaraderie.


Walter Deiter

Walter Deiter, politician, businessman (b at Peepeekesis Indian Reserve, Sask 31 May 1916; d at Regina 7 Sept 1988). Deiter was active in the development of Indigenous political organizations in the 1960s.


Walter Edward Foster

Walter Edward Foster, businessman, politician, premier of New Brunswick 1917-23 (b at St Martins, NB 9 Apr 1873; d at Saint John 14 Nov 1947). Chosen Liberal Opposition leader in 1916 and premier following the Liberal victory in 1917 he sat for Victoria in 1917 and Saint John City in 1920.


Walter Stanley Monroe

Walter Stanley Monroe, businessman, politician (b at Dublin, Ire 14 May 1871; d at St John's 6 Oct 1952). He was Newfoundland's eighteenth prime minister, June 1924-August 1928; his newly constituted party swept to power, ending Albert HICKMAN's brief prime ministership.


Wilfrid Gagnon

Wilfrid Gagnon, businessman (b at Montréal 15 Sept 1898; d there 10 June 1963). A graduate of Montréal's Collège Sainte-Marie, Gagnon joined his family's shoe-manufacturing firm, Aird and Son Ltd, becoming president in 1926.


Willard Garfield Weston

Willard Garfield Weston, food merchant, manufacturer (b at Toronto 26 Jan 1893; d there 22 Oct 1978). The son of biscuit manufacturer George Weston, he developed the family business into one of the largest food conglomerates in


William Allan

William Allan, businessman, politician (b near Huntly, Scot 1770; d at Toronto 11 July 1853). Between 1795 and 1822 Allan established himself as a prosperous merchant in York (Toronto), as a government officeholder and as a land speculator.


William Cameron Edwards

William Cameron Edwards, industrialist, politician (b in Clarence Twp, Russell County, Canada W 7 May 1844; d at Ottawa 17 Sept 1921). Edwards entered the lumbering business in Thurso but moved to Rockland in 1868 and founded W.C.


William Dodge Lovitt

William Dodge Lovitt, vessel owner, entrepreneur (b 21 July 1834; d 1 Jan 1894). He purchased new sailing vessels at YARMOUTH, NS, Port of Registry during the 19th century.


William Eric Phillips

William Eric Phillips, financier, industrialist (b at Toronto 3 Jan 1893; d at Palm Beach, Fla 26 Dec 1964). In Europe at the outbreak of WWI, Eric Phillips joined the British army, winning both the DSO and the Military Cross, and becoming lieutenant-colonel.


William Fernie

William Fernie, prospector, miner, entrepreneur (b at Kimbolton, Eng 2 Apr 1837; d at Victoria 15 May 1921). After travelling through Australasia and South America, he came to Vancouver Island in 1860.