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    Zbigniew Stanislaw Basinski

    Zbigniew Stanislaw Basinski, physicist (born 28 April 1928 in Wolkowysk, Poland; died 12 August 1999). Recognized as the doyen of Canadian metal physics, he received the BSc, MA, DPhil and DSci degrees from Oxford, at the same time holding the post of research assistant in the department of metallurgy.

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    Zebedee Nungak

    Zebedee Nungak, OQ, Inuit activist, politician, author, journalist, broadcaster (born 23 April 1951 in Saputiligait, QC). Zebedee Nungak is an Inuit leader from Nunavik, Quebec. He represented Inuit interests in negotiations with the provincial and federal governments. He was a key negotiator of, and is a signatory to, the 1975 James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. Additionally, he co-chaired the Inuit Committee on National Issues from 1984 to 1987 and was president of Makivvik Corporation from 1995 to 1998.

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    Zeyda Suzuki

    Zeyda Suzuki (b Ruga). Pianist, teacher, b Havana, Cuba, 29 May l943. She gave her first concert at 5 for the JM in Cuba and then performed on radio and TV. She studied at the Havana Cons.

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    Joseph Patrick Ziegler

    After moving to Toronto, Ziegler was hired immediately by THEATRE PASSE MURAILLE to act in October Soldiers (about the FLQ crisis) and for the CBC's radio version of Thornton Wilder's Our Town, starring Lorne GREENE, a play he would later direct.

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    Zoe Caldwell

    Zoe Ada Caldwell, OBE, actor, director (born 14 September 1933 in Hawthorn, Australia; died 16 February 2020 in Pound Ridge, New York). Zoe Caldwell was an Australian actor who began her career in England before moving to Canada in 1961. She became a prominent leading lady in Canadian theatre, starring in productions at the Stratford Festival, the Shaw Festival and the Manitoba Theatre Centre, as well as on CBC TV. She began performing in the United States in the 1960s and went on to win four Tony Awards, including three for plays produced by her husband, Montreal-born theatre producer Robert Whitehead. Caldwell was also an accomplished director. Her renown as an actor in both classical and modern productions garnered her the Theatre World Award (1966), the Order of the British Empire (1970) and the Bernard B. Jacobs Excellence in Theatre Award (1999).

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    Zoe Whittall

    Zoe Whittall, novelist, poet, journalist (b at South Durham, Que 16 Feb 1976). After growing up on a sheep farm in the rural Eastern Townships of Québec, Zoe Whittall moved to Montréal at age 18 to attend Dawson College and begin her writing career.

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    Zoltan Roman

    Zoltan Roman. Musicologist, oboist, b Miskolc, Hungary, 7 Jun 1936, naturalized Canadian 1962; B MUS (British Columbia) 1962, MA (Toronto) 1965, PH D (Toronto) 1970. He studied the oboe in Miskolc and played in its State SO and State Opera until 1956.

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    Between February 1868 and September 1870, 7 contingents totalling 507 Canadians enrolled in the papal army (whose soldiers were known as Papal Zouaves) to help defend Rome from the Italian troops who wanted to bring about Italian unification.

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    Zsuzsi Gartner

    Zsuzsi Gartner, writer, editor, journalist, (born at Winnipeg, MB, 4 May 1960) began her career in journalism.

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