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    Adanac Quartet

    Adanac Quartet(te). Name of two related male-voice quartets, active in turn 1915-19 and 1921-7. Adanac - Canada spelled backwards - has been a popular trade name for many years.

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    Founded in Montréal in 1975 by Yvan Dufresne, André Perry, Gilles Talbot, Frank Furtado, Guy Latraverse, Daniel Lazare and Michel Constantino, the Association québécoise des producteurs de disques (AQPD) was first established in October 1977 as the Association du Disque, de l'Industrie du Spectacle Québecois (and video as of 1987) or ADISQ.

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     The first formal advertisement in Canada was an offer of butter for sale that appeared in 1752 in an official government publication called the Halifax Gazette. In 1764 the Québec Gazette (later renamed the Chronicle-Telegraph) was founded, as much to carry news of merchandise as events.

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    Aeriosa Dance Society

    Aeriosa Dance Society merges contemporary dance with mountain-climbing skills to create performances that take place on the outside of tall buildings, utilizing the walls, ledges, rooftops and open sky of the architectural setting.

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    Air Canada Award

    The Air Canada Award, presented at the annual Genie Awards from 1980 to 1994, was given for "outstanding contributions to the business of filmmaking in Canada."

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    Airport Architecture

    A new wave of construction was inspired by the formation of the Department of Transport in 1937 and the inauguration of Trans-Canada Airlines (now Air Canada) in 1937. Dorval Airport (1940-41) near Montréal represented the new breed of airports.

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    Alberta Ballet Company

    The Alberta Ballet Company was founded in Edmonton in 1958 by Ruth Carse as an amateur troupe under the name of Dance Interlude. It was incorporated in 1961 as the Edmonton Ballet Company and reconstituted in 1966 as a professional dance ensemble under its present name. Carse retired in 1975.

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    Alberta Choral Federation

    Alberta Choral Federation (Alberta Choral Directors' Association 1972-81). Incorporated in 1972, the organization assumed its current name and extended the scope of its activities and services to choral singers and choirs, as well as directors, in 1981.

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    Alberta College Conservatory of Music

    Alberta College Conservatory of Music (Alberta College Music Centre 1969-85). The music department of Alberta College, founded in 1903 in Edmonton by the Methodist Church under the principalship of the Rev J.H. Riddell.

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    Alberta Composers' Association/Association des Compositeurs de l'Alberta

    Alberta Composers' Association/Association des Compositeurs de l'Alberta (ACA). Founded at Edmonton in September 1977 upon the advice of an ad hoc committee comprising the composers Violet Archer, Dean G. Blair, David Duke, Ronald Hannah, and Richard Johnston, with the assistance of John Weinzweig.

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    Alberta Music Educators' Association

    Alberta Music Educators' Association (AMEA). Founded in Edmonton in April 1957 at the instigation of Leslie Bell and Alan Rumbelow, the latter at that time supervisor of music for Edmonton public schools.

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    Alberta Music Festival Association

    Alberta Music Festival Association. Umbrella organization formed ca 1964 to represent and co-ordinate the competition festivals of the province of Alberta.

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    Alberta Registered Music Teachers' Association

    Alberta Registered Music Teachers' Association (ARMTA). Founded in Edmonton 15 Dec 1932 by Clara King, Florence Teets, and other teachers.

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    Alberta Theatre Projects

    Few existing plays celebrated Canada's history, so ATP commissioned new works. Campbell's The History Show was the first of over 30 such scripts produced in the first four years. When ATP's mandate expanded to include an adult season, commissions for new plays continued.

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    Aleatoric Music

    Aleatoric Music. Music in which either composition or method of performance is determined by elements of chance or unpredictability.

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