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Winnipeg Auditorium

Winnipeg Auditorium. Winnipeg's main concert hall complex from 1932, when it opened, until 1968, when it was supplanted in that function by the Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall. It was designed jointly by three architectural firms - Northwood & Chivers, Pratt & Ross, and J.N.


Big Country Awards

Big Country Awards. They were established in 1975 by Walt Grealis and Stan Klees of RPM magazine in conjunction with the Canadian Academy for Country Music Advancement (later ACME, see CCMA). Held annually 1975-81, they were supplanted in 1982 by the CCMA Awards but revived in 1985 by RPM.


Bach Elgar Choir of Hamilton

The Bach Elgar Choir (BEC) of Hamilton is a large concert choir established in 1946 as an amalgamation of the Elgar Choir (founded in 1905) and the Bach Choir (founded in 1931). The BEC is currently led by artistic director Alexander Cann.