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    Antonine Maillet

    Antonine Maillet, CC, OQ, ONB, novelist, playwright, translator, scholar (born 10 May 1929 in Bouctouche, NB).

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    Antonio Barichievich (the Great Antonio)

    Antonio Barichievich, né Anton Baričević, “the Great Antonio,” Québec strongman, professional wrestler and actor (born 10 or 25 October 1925 in Zagreb, Yugoslavia; died 7 September 2003 in Montréal, QC).

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    Aqjangajuk Shaa

    Aqjangajuk Shaa (Axangayu), Inuit artist (born at Shartoweetuk camp near Cape Dorset, Nunavut 17 March 1937; died 2019).

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    Arab Canadians

    Arabs, or more specifically, Syrian-Lebanese immigrants, began to arrive in Canada in small numbers in 1882. Their immigration was relatively limited until 1945, after which time it increased progressively, particularly in the 1960s and thereafter.

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    Archibald Fleming

    Archibald Lang Fleming, Church of England bishop of the Arctic 1933-49 (b at Greenock, Scot 8 Sept 1883; d at Toronto 17 May 1953). In 1906 he went to Canada to train at Wycliffe College, Toronto, and in 1909 he established a mission at Lake Harbour, Baffin Island, where he stayed until 1916.

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    Åsbjørn Gathe

    In 1953 Åsbjørn Gathe completed designs for Westminster Priory, which included Westminster Abbey, the Seminary of Christ the King and related buildings.

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    Aritha van Herk

    Aritha van Herk, novelist, anthologist, essayist (b at Wetaskiwin, Alta 26 May 1954). Aritha van Herk, the daughter of Dutch immigrants, was raised on a farm in the Scandinavian community of Wetaskiwin.

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    Armand-François-Marie de Charbonnel

    Armand-François-Marie de Charbonnel, Roman Catholic bishop of Toronto (b near Monistrol-sur-Loire, France 1 Dec 1802; d at Crest, France 29 Mar 1891). Of noble birth, Charbonnel entered the priesthood in the Society of St-Sulpice.

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    Armas Maiste

    Maiste, Armas or Art (b Armas). Pianist, b Tallinn, Estonia, 9 Mar 1929, naturalized Canadian 1965; B MUS (McGill) 1972.

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    Armenian Canadians

    The present-day republic of Armenia was created in 1991 and includes only a small part of the territory that made up Ancient Armenia. Armenian migration to Canada began in the late 19th century. The 2016 census reported 63, 810 people of Armenian origin in Canada (34, 560 single and 29, 250 multiple responses).

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    Jay Armin

    Jay (James) Armin, teacher, violinist (born 11 January 1915 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine; died 12 July 2008 in Toronto). BA (Manitoba) 1947, Associate in Music PAED (Western Ontario) 1953.

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    Arnold Walter

    Arnold Maria Walter, OC, musicologist, educator, administrator (born 30 August 1902 in Hannsdorf (Hanušovice), Moravia; died 6 October 1973 in Toronto, ON).

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    Arthur A. Clappé

    Arthur A. Clappé. Bandmaster, composer, writer, b Cork, Ireland, 1850; d 22 Nov 1920. Clappé studied at the Trinity College of Music, London and the Royal Military School of Music (England) (Kneller Hall). He served in Canada as director of the Governor General's Foot Guards Band 1877-84.

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    Arthur Alexander Stoughton

    Arthur Alexander Stoughton, architect (b at Mount Vernon, NY 2 Apr 1867; d at Mount Vernon, NY 14 Jan 1955). Was founder of the department of architecture at the U of Manitoba where he remained as head until his retirement in 1930.

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    Arthur Evans

    Arthur Evans"Slim" (b at Toronto 1890; d at Vancouver 1944). Slim Evans was a colourful socialist and trade union organizer who played the leading role in organizing the On to Ottawa Trek of 1935.

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