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    Guy Granville Simonds

    Guy Granville Simonds, army officer (b at Bury St Edmunds, Eng 23 Apr 1903; d at Toronto 15 May 1974).

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    Harjit Sajjan

    Harjit Singh Sajjan, PC, OMM, MSM, CD, soldier, policeman, politician, Minister of National Defence 2015–21, Minister of International Development 2021–present (born 6 September 1970, in Bombeli, Hoshiarpur, India). Harjit Sajjan enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces at age 19 and joined the Vancouver Police Department in 1999. He served for 11 years and became a detective. He also served three tours of duty in Afghanistan, where he was hailed as Canada’s “best single intelligence asset.” Sajjan rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel and became the first Sikh Canadian to command an Armed Forces regiment. He was elected as a Liberal MP for Vancouver South in 2015. He was Minister of National Defence for nearly six years — one of the longest tenures in the country’s history. He has been Minister of International Development since 2021.

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    Harold Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis

    Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis, army officer, governor general (b at London, Eng 10 Dec 1891; d at Slough, Eng 16 June 1969). The last British governor general of Canada (1946-52) was born into the Irish aristocracy.

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    Harry Crerar

    Henry Duncan Graham Crerar, army officer (b at Hamilton, Ont 28 Apr 1888; d at Ottawa 1 Apr 1965). A graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada, he was commissioned into the artillery in 1910 and was counter battery staff officer of the Canadian Corps at the end of WWI.

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    Harry DeWolf

    Harry George DeWolf, naval officer and veteran of the Second World War, vice-admiral, Chief of Naval Staff, Royal Canadian Navy (born 26 June 1903 in Bedford, NS). DeWolf was best known as the commanding officer of HMCS Haida, one of Canada’s eight Tribal Class destroyers during the Second World War. DeWolf entered the navy in 1918 and retired in 1961. A new class of offshore patrol vessels has been named in his honour.

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    Harry Wickwire Foster

    Harry Wickwire Foster, CBE, DSO, army officer (born 2 April 1902 in Halifax, Nova Scotia; died 6 August 1964 in Halifax, Nova Scotia). Foster commanded two Canadian divisions in the Second World War and served in the European and Pacific theatres. He was also senior military officer at the trial of SS Waffen General Kurt Meyer (see Normandy Massacres). Foster’s third wife, Mona Parsons, was a member of the Dutch resistance during the war.

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    Henry Dearborn

    Henry Dearborn, doctor, soldier, politician, military figure in the WAR OF 1812 (b at North Hampton, New Hampshire, 1751; d at Roxbury, Massachusetts, 6 Jun 1829). Dearborn studied medicine and began a practice in Nottingham Square, New Hampshire.

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    Henry Milnes

    Henry Milnes, soldier (birthdate unknown; died 25 August 1813). Captain Henry Milnes was an infamous figure more for his private life than for his soldiering.

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    Henry Norwest

    Henry Louis Norwest, Cree sniper during the First World War (born 1884 in Fort Saskatchewan, North-West Territories [present-day Alberta]; died 18 August 1918 in Amiens, France). While serving overseas, Henry Norwest was credited with 115 confirmed kills and received a Military Medal and Bar for his exploits on the battlefield.

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    Henry Procter (Proctor)

    Henry Procter, army officer (b c 1763 at Kilkenny, Ireland; d at Bath, Eng 31 Oct 1822). Henry Procter was the son of a British army surgeon. He was considered by some as among the worst officers of the British forces in the WAR OF 1812.

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    Herbert Alexander Bruce

    Herbert Alexander Bruce, surgeon, military officer, politician, lieutenant-governor of Ontario (b at Blackstock, Ont 28 Sept 1868; d at Toronto 23 June 1963).

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    Herbert Cyril Thacker

    Herbert Cyril Thacker, army officer (b at Poona, India 16 Sept 1870; d at Victoria 2 June 1953). Thacker, briefly chief of the general staff in 1927-28, was commissioned in the Royal Canadian Artillery in 1891.

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    Herbert Philp

    Herbert William Philp, MM, journalist and soldier (born 31 January 1889 in Sarnia, ON; died 19 January 1920 in Guelph, ON). From August 1914 to January 1919, Herbert Philp wrote detailed letters about his life as a soldier with the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) during the First World War. Most of his correspondence has survived, providing present-day readers with a first-hand account of the war from an enlisted man’s perspective and a unique window into a period when letters from the Western Front were subject to strict military censorship (see War Measures Act).

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    Heritage Minutes

    The Heritage Minutes collection is a bilingual series of history-focused public service announcements. Each 60-second short film depicts a significant person, event or story in Canadian history. They are produced by Historica Canada, the not-for-profit organization that also publishes this encyclopedia. First released in 1991, the Heritage Minutes have been shown on television, in cinemas and online. They have become a recognizable part of Canadian culture. The collection currently includes 100 episodes.

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    Howard Graham

    Howard Douglas Graham, lawyer, army officer (b at Buffalo, NY 15 July 1898; d at Oakville, Ont 28 Sept 1986). A WWI veteran, having enlisted at age 17, Graham rose to become chief of the general staff 1955-58. He practised law in Trenton, Ont, 1922-39, and was mayor in 1933.

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