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    Andrew McKellar

    Andrew McKellar, astrophysicist, molecular spectroscopist (b at Vancouver 2 Feb 1910; d at Victoria 6 May 1960). McKellar received the MBE in 1947 for his work in WWII as a research officer in the Royal Canadian Navy.

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    Andrew Onderdonk

    Andrew Onderdonk, contractor (b at New York City c 1849; d at Oscawana, NY 21 June 1905).

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    Andrew Robertson Gordon

    Andrew Robertson Gordon, physical chemist, educator (b at Toronto June 26 1896; d there 29 July 1967). He was an officer in the Canadian Field Artillery in WWI and was appointed to the department of chemistry of the University of Toronto in 1925.

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    Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith, veterinarian, educator (born 12 July 1834 in Dalrymple, Scotland; died 15 August 1910 in Toronto, ON).

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    Andrew Thomson

    Andrew Thomson, meteorologist (b at Dobbinton, Ont 18 May 1893; d at Toronto 17 Oct 1974). Following graduation from U of T in 1916, Thomson studied and worked in the US, Samoa, New Zealand and Europe before returning in 1932 to the national meteorological service.

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    Andrew Twa

    Andrew (John) Twa. Composer, violist, accountant, b Ellisboro, Sask, 13 Dec 1919, d Toronto, 16 April 2009. He studied viola with Richard Ainsworth in Brandon, Man.

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    Andrew Weaver

    Andrew John Weaver, OBC, FRSC, climate scientist, leader of the BC Green Party 2015–20 (born 16 November 1961 in Victoria, BC). Andrew Weaver is a leading climate change researcher who made historic gains for the Green Party of British Columbia in his second career as a politician. In 2013, he was elected the province’s first Green MLA. In 2017, he led the Greens to three seats. After the 2017 election, he engineered a power-sharing deal with the BC New Democratic Party and toppled the Liberal government of Christy Clark to help John Horgan become premier.

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    Angus Mackay

    Angus Mackay, prairie agriculturist (b near Pickering, UC 10 Jan 1841; d at Indian Head, Sask 10 June 1931). Mackay is reputedly the man who introduced "summer fallow," which some historians consider more important than any other discovery in allowing successful agriculture on the Canadian prairies.

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    Ann Augusta Stowe-Gullen

    Ann Augusta Stowe-Gullen, née Stowe, physician, lecturer, and activist (born 27 July 1857 in Mount Pleasant, ON; died 25 September 1943 in Toronto, ON). The daughter of celebrated suffragist Emily Stowe, Augusta Stowe-Gullen was the first woman to graduate from a Canadian medical school. She was also a passionate activist for women’s franchise.

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    Anna Marion Hilliard

    Anna Marion Hilliard, physician (b at Morrisburg, Ont 17 June 1902; d at Toronto 15 July 1958).

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    Anne Elizabeth Haviland

    Anne Elizabeth Haviland, née Grubbe, botanist and collector (born 28 September 1818 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England; died 10 November 1902 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island).

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    Anne Innis Dagg

    Anne Innis Dagg, CM, zoologist, feminist activist, author (born 25 January 1933 in Toronto, ON; died 1 April 2024 in Kitchener, ON). Dagg was best known as a giraffe expert. In 1956, she became the first Western researcher, man or woman, to study the animal in the wild in Africa. Though better known, two of her contemporaries, Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey, followed in her footsteps: Goodall began her study of chimpanzees in 1960 and Fossey her study of mountain gorillas in 1963. Dagg was also a pioneer in the study of mammal gaits and homosexual behaviour. Later in her career, she fought for equality between men and women, particularly in academia.

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    Archibald Byron Macallum

    Archibald Byron Macallum, biochemist, physiologist, educator (b at Belmont, Canada W 7 Apr 1858; d at London, Ont 5 Apr 1934).

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    Archibald Edward Malloch

    Archibald Edward Malloch, surgeon (b at Brockville, Canada W 14 June 1844; d at Hamilton, Ont 6 Aug 1919).

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    Archibald Gowanlock Huntsman

    Archibald Gowanlock Huntsman, marine biologist, administrator, editor, teacher (b at Tintern, Ont 23 Nov 1883; d at St Andrews, NB 8 Aug 1973). Huntsman was a provocative thinker and innovator who decisively influenced fisheries science in Canada.

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