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    Beaver Creek

    Beaver Creek, Yukon, settlement, population 93 (2016 census), 103 (2011 census). The settlement of Beaver Creek is located on the Alaska Highway, 457 km northwest of Whitehorse.

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    Beaverlodge, AB, incorporated as a village in 1929 and as a town in 1956, population 2365 (2011c), 2264 (2006c).

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    The city is named for René Robineau de Bécancour, who led an expedition against the Iroquois in 1696. The first French missionary contact with the local Abenaki occurred in 1669, and a permanent European settlement was established 3 years later.

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    Bedford, NS, Urban Community, is situated at the head of Bedford Basin, in Halifax Regional Municipality.

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    Behchokò, NT, established as community government in 2005, population 1926 (2011c), 1894 (2006c). First known as Rae-Edzo, Behchokò is located near the North Arm of Great Slave Lake, 106 km northwest of Yellowknife.

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    Bella Coola (BC)

    Bella Coola, BC, Unincorporated Place, population 95 (2011c), 135 (2006c). Bella Coola is a small community situated on the north arm of Burke Channel, where Alexander Mackenzie first sighted the Pacific in 1793.

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    Belledune, NB, incorporated as a village in 1968, population 1548 (2011c), 1711 (2006c). The Village of Belledune was reincorporated in 1994 to include Jacquet River, Armstrong Brook, Archibald Settlement, Sunnyside, Becketville and Mitchell Settlement.

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    Belleville, Ontario, incorporated as a city in 1877, population 55,071 (2021 census), 50,716 (2016 census). The city of Belleville, the seat of Hastings County, is located on the Bay of Quinte, an arm of Lake Ontario about 180 km east of Toronto at the mouth of the Moira River.

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    Beloeil, Quebec, incorporated as a in city 1914, population 22,458 (2016 census), 20,783 (2011 census). Beloeil is located 32 km east from Montreal on the west bank of the Rivière Richelieu, opposite the city of Mont-Saint-Hilaire. Beloeil, which loosely translated means “beautiful eye,” was probably given to the place by Jean-Baptiste Hertel in 1693. Upon looking out at the panoramic view from atop Mont St-Hilaire, he supposedly cried out, "Qu'elle est belle à oeil!" (What a beautiful eyeful!).

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    Beresford, NB, incorporated as a town in 1984, population 4351 (2011c), 4264 (2006c). The Town of Beresford is located 9 km north of BATHURST on CHALEUR BAY and was incorporated as a village in 1967.

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    Berwick, NS, incorporated as a town in 1923, population 2454 (2011c), 2454 (2006c). The Town of Berwick is located in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia in Kings County, 120 km west of Halifax.

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    Two large secondary industries process barley for malt and manufacture environmental storage tanks. A greenhouse comprising 2 ha for plant micropropagation, a salt mine and a poultry farm also provide employment. Its well-known slogan "New York is Big ... but this is Biggar" greets visitors as they enter the town.

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    In 1673, in order to develop the young colony of New France, Governor Louis de Buade de Frontenac gave large concessions of land to administrators, priests and high-ranking soldiers who became seigneurs. The seigneurie des Mille-Îles was created north of the river that bears the same name.

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    Blind River

    Blind River, Ont, incorporated as a town in 1906, population 3549 (2011c), 3780 (2006c). The Town of Blind River is located at the mouth of the Mississagi River on the North Channel of Lake Huron, 132 km southeast of Sault Ste Marie.

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    Bois-des-Filion owes its name to Antoine Feuillon dit Filion, the French pioneer who settled there in 1684, and to the large maple grove located on the Filion family property.

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