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    Ashcroft, BC, incorporated as a village in 1952, population 1628 (2011c), 1664 (2006c). The Village of Ashcroft is situated on a flat bench above the Thompson River in the dry belt of the interior of southern British Columbia, about 90 km west of Kamloops.

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    Assiniboia is a name derived from the Assiniboine, an Indigenous people. The name Assiniboia applied to two political units in the 19th century. The first was a district centred on the forks of the Red and Assiniboine rivers — which became the site of the Red River Resistance (1869–70) — forerunner to the province of Manitoba. The second was a provisional district of the ever-changing North-West Territories (1870–1905). Two political constituencies (one federal and one Manitoban), a rural municipality (in Manitoba), and a town (in Saskatchewan) have also been called Assiniboia.

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    Assiniboia (Sask)

    Assiniboia, Sask, incorporated as a town in 1913, population 2418 (2011c), 2305 (2006c). The Town of Assiniboia is located on the Canadian Pacific Railway line, 105 km south of Moose Jaw.

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    Athabasca, Alberta, incorporated as a town in 1911, population 2,965 (2016 census), 2,990 (2011 census). The town of Athabasca is located on the Athabasca River, 150 km north of Edmonton. Up until 1904 it was known as Athabasca Landing.

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    Atikokan, Ont, incorporated as a township in 1954, population 2787 (2011c), 3293 (2006c). The Township of Atikokan is located in northwestern Ontario on the Atikokan River, 220 km west of Thunder Bay.

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    Atlin, BC, Unincorporated Place, elevation 671 m. Atlin is a small community of about 400 residents situated on Atlin Lake in the lake district of the northwest corner of the province, 182 kilometres southeast of Whitehorse, Yukon.

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    Aurora, Ont, incorporated as a town in 1888, population 53 203 (2011c), 47 629 (2006c). The Town of Aurora is located in York County, 30 km north of Toronto.

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    Aylmer (Ont)

    Aylmer, Ont, incorporated as a town in 1887, population 7151 (2011c), 7069 (2006c). The Town of Aylmer is located 50 km south of London and 15 km north of Lake Erie, on Catfish Creek.

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    Aylmer (Qué)

    Aylmer, Qué, Sector, pop 41 532 (2006c), 36 085 (2001c). Aylmer is located on Lac Deschênes on the Ottawa River and was a city from 1975-2002 before it merged with 4 other cities to form the new city of Gatineau.

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    Baddeck, NS, incorporated as a village in 1950, population 769 (2011c), 873 (2006c). The Village of Baddeck is located on the north shore of Bras d'Or Lake, 60 km west of North Sydney.

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    Its geographic advantages (deep bay, neighbouring rivers with strong flows, huge forestry resources) led Colonel Robert R. McCormick, publisher of The Chicago Tribune, to build a paper mill and create a town in 1937. It took the name of Napoléon-Alexandre Comeau, a celebrated north shore naturalist.

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    Baie Verte

    Baie Verte, NL, incorporated as a town in 1958, population 1370 (2011c), 1275 (2006c). The Town of Baie Verte is located on the Baie Verte Peninsula on the northeast coast of Newfoundland.

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    Baker Lake (Qamani'tuaq)

    Baker Lake (a.k.a. Qamani’tuaq), Nunavut, incorporated as a hamlet in 1977, population 2,069 (2016 census), 1,872 (2011 census). The hamlet of Baker Lake is located at the northwest end of Baker Lake, about 280 km west of the mouth of Chesterfield Inlet on Hudson Bay. The community is approximately at the geographic centre of Canada. Baker Lake is the only inland Inuit community in Nunavut.

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    Sheriff Alexander C. Macdonell, Selkirk's agent, struggled for years at considerable expense to the earl to make a success of the venture, but found the swampy land and the difficulty of sheep farming to be serious obstacles.

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    Balgonie, Sask, incorporated as a town in 1907, population 1625 (2011c), 1384 (2006c). The Town of Balgonie is located 24 km east of Regina, between Pilot Butte and McLean on the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) main line. The name refers to Balgonie Castle in Scotland.

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